The Public Interest Law Unit  was founded in 2016 to provide a specialist legal service in the fields of public law and human rights. We are a project of Lambeth Law Centre. We specialise in claimant judicial review and public inquiries.

We are flexible in the way in which our service is provided and always strive to meet the needs of our clients. It is not necessary to attend our offices, we can either come to you and/or conduct our work by e-mail and ‘phone.

Lambeth Law Centre  has a contract with the Legal Aid Agency to provide publicly funded advice and representation in public law. Through the new unit we hope to deliver specialised public law litigation.

Whilst PILU is not a campaign group, it is a ‘not for profit’ law centre that conducts legal aid judicial review work in the High Court. However our solicitors meet with campaign groups when requested to discuss the possibilities of legal action being part of their campaigning strategy. We are particularly interested in using law as part of the process to effect social change through the use of test cases.




The Public Interest Law Unit is part of the Law Centres Network (LCN). The LCN strives for a just and equal society where everyone’s rights are valued and protected. The LCN  supports a national network of Law Centres that work with some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in society.

They support member Law Centres to help them achieve their full potential and be as sustainable as possible.

The LCN  sets up new Law Centres, initiates new services, and champions the model of free and independent legal advice and representation.

They support and develop special projects, and have supported the work of PILU since its foundation. The Law Centres Network is run by a small staff team and a board of trustees drawn mostly from the member Law Centres. Find out more about the work of Law Centres