The lawyers at the Public Interest Law Centre are campaigners. Over the years we have been involved in anti-fascist and anti-racist campaigns. We have organised anti-poll tax unions and tenants associations. Most recently we have been supporting the campaigns against raids by the Home Office against migrants. We have helped in the formation of new trade unions – organising the previously unorganised. Those campaigns inform our legal work.

However, the main focus of our work is to provide the best legal advice and representation to our clients – whether  an individual or a community group. We strive to secure the best outcome to your challenge to the public body, whether that is a government department or a local council for instance.

Legal Action and campaigning

We find that many of the public law cases and the cases involving actions against public authorities, where we represent, there are much wider issues at play. Indeed what could affect you as an individual, often affects many more people.

We strive to ensure that cases that we take on make a difference by having a much wider impact. In the past our lawyers have represented in cases that have changed the law and helped thousands of people secure access to student finance so that they can go to University. Our lawyers have protected a frontline service for an individual, but this has ensured that the service is protected for thousands of others.

Central to our work is working with campaign groups is ensuring that a legal strategy works hand in hand with the wider campaign. We see this is central because we believe that the legal process should not be the preserve of the richest in society.