Public Interest Law Unit is a project of Lambeth Law Centre and specialises in public law, human rights and public inquiries. We act for individuals and campaign groups who’ve been treated unlawfully by public bodies. We are based in Lambeth, with clients from the London area, the South East and nationally.

Public Law for the Community


The Public Interest Law Unit is a specialist legal service in the fields of public law and human rights. Whilst the Unit is not a campaign group, our solicitors meet with campaign groups when requested to discuss the possibilities of legal action being part of their campaigning strategy. We are particularly interested in using law as part of the process to effect social change through the use of test cases.

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The Public Interest Law Unit operate under the umbrella of Lambeth Law Centre. We are a not-for-profit legal aid law unit and we specialise in legal challenges to public bodies. Nearly all of our casework is conducted under a legal aid contract administered through the Legal Aid Agency. We litigate on behalf of individuals, campaigns groups and NGO’s. Where possible we conduct pro bono casework

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Public law is essentially about how public bodies, such as local council and/or government departments use and exercise their power. When they exercise that power unlawfully or if the decision making process itself is unjust then it can be open to legal challenge – that challenge can be by way of their complaints system, or possibly by judicial review if there is no other remedy available.

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